Worker's Compensation & EPLI Insurance

What does worker's compensation (WC) cover?

Worker's compensation covers employee's death or injury as a direct result of an accident of which occurred at the job site/facility.

Remedies provided from the insurance company are:

  • It releases obligations for employers to be held responsible when such incidents occurred at the work place.

  • Compensates workers for any injuries related to accidents occurred at the job site. This includes any diseases or illnesses obtained at work.


What does employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) cover?

Employment practices liability insurance covers employers from claims made by employees.

Remedies provided from the insurance company are:

  • It protects employers against any claims related to discrimination made by the employees.

  • It also protects employers from claims made by the employees on wrongful termination.

  • Another protection would be against any harassment related claims made by the employees.

  • There are also many other employment related issues/claims that can be covered by this coverage (coverage may vary by insurance carriers, consult with the agent for more information.)